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Concern Pokrovsky began exporting agricultural products to Saudi Arabia

The Pokrovsky Concern Group of Companies sent the first 20,000 tons of barley to Saudi Arabia, said the commercial director of the group of companies Ekaterina Kravchenko.

She added that the decision to export in a new direction was made after participation in the international agricultural exhibition Saudi Argiculture 2022.

«In the 2023/24 agricultural season, we shipped the first batch of winter barley of the
 new crop — 20,000 tons, and in the future we plan to increase both the volume and range of exported products. In particular, given the developed cattle breeding in the Persian Gulf countries, special attention is paid to the fodder — granulated feed supplement and complete mixed fodder for farm animals and birds, which we produce in the Krasnodar Territory», said Kravchenko.

She also noted that Saudi Arabia is a strategic direction for Concern Pokrovsky, as many Muslim countries of the world rely on its high requirements to the quality of imported agro-industrial products.

«Given the developed port infrastructure, the OAE can become the main logistics hub for the delivery of Russian food products to the markets of other countries in the region,» adds Ekaterina Kravchenko.

Saudi Arabia is one of the ten largest importers of Russian agricultural products. In 2022, exports of Russian agricultural products to Saudi Arabia grew by 49.9% and approached $1 billion.

The agro-industrial assets of Concern Pokrovsky are located in 17 districts of the Krasnodar Territory, with an annual gross harvest of 2.5 million tons of agricultural products. The Concern has been developing exports of agricultural products since 2017; in 2021, the volume of exports amounted to 500,000 tons. The geography of export includes 22 countries, such as China, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria and other countries of the Middle East and Africa.

Adapted from RosBusinessConsulting Agency